Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beyond Smells and Bells

As part of my preparation for Liturgy Lab, I am reading this book by Mark Galli of Christianity Today (and formerly of St. Mark's Episcopal in Glen Ellyn, IL, where I used to serve as Youth Minister).

You can find out more about Beyond Smells and Bells: The Wonder and Power of Christian Liturgy at Mark's blog, linked here.

It's a very good, basic overview to the church's liturgy: its shape, outline, relevance, communal nature, and so on.

Galli's writing style is warm and inviting and accessible. If you're looking for a short (less than 150 pages) primer on understanding liturgy (Anglican and otherwise), this is the best place I know of to start. (Although Galli may very well tell you the best place to start is by visiting a liturgical church and participating in its liturgy!)

If you'd like to read a longer sample of what Galli has to say, check out this article on the "relevance" of Christian liturgy.

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