Friday, June 6, 2008

Youth Culture, part 2 of 4: Behaviors

In my last post I started taking a look at youth culture. I see 4 elements of identity formation when it comes to what constitutes any given culture, all of which apply to youth: (1) Artifacts, (2) Behaviors, (3) Ideas, and (4) Language. Part 1 of 4 was a more detailed look at some of the artifacts of youth culture.

This post highlights some categories of behavior you might encounter and consider in working with youth. Many of these categories link to a more detailed Web site if you click on them.

Body language and demeanor
Text messaging, IMing, Facebook, etc.
Video games
Playing sports
Roles, responsibilities, and burdens
What do youth do when they're happy?
How do they express sadness?
Whom do they go to in a time of crisis? (Hint: not always to adults)
Stereotype: guys bond by doing; girls bond by talking
Space and territory (the lunch room, the school hallway)
Collective memories and humor

Any other behaviors or categories of behavior you have observed in working with teens?


  1. sorry to drop in - found your blog by typing "inner city ministry" on google.

    for your question:
    -texting is big
    - clothing/etc.?
    - (for my kids) culture is huge (i have mostly Hmong or Hispanic kids
    - generations in USA
    - common desires (go to college, get drunk, etc.)

    i teach high school math in an urban HS in Fresno, CA and coach several sports as well.

  2. Brandon--great to hear from you! I pray God blesses you and your ministry. Thanks for the comment.